5 World Cup apps for WindowsPhone 8

Five essential WindowsPhone apps for Brazil 2014 World Cup

Stay in the game when on the move!

  1. iTV Player

    Watch iTV World Cup games live stream.

    WindowsPhone App

  2. BBC iPlayer

    Watch BBC World Cup games and highlights.

    WindowsPhone App

  3. TV Catchup

    Stream live football World Cup games on BBC One.

    WindowsPhone App

  4. TV Guide (UK)

    Find which channel the game is on and use the right app to stream the match.

    WindowsPhone App

  5. World Cup 2014

    Group tables chart and kick off times.

    WindowsPhone App

3 Lions on a Phone!

When you’re not watching the Brazil World Cup here are three football games to collect and play.

  1. Score! World Goals

    Recreate some of best football goals in the world!

    WindowsPhone App

  2. FIFA 14

    Big football game with touch screen gameplay.

    Windows Game

  3. Official England Football

    Not for the faint of heart, this is a hardened retro football game. Unleash the three lions!

    WindowsPhone App

Extra time…?

Grab these hot new apps, whoop whoop!

Top Windows 8 Games

10 top games for Windows 8

When you need a breakout from work here are ten fun games to play on your Windows 8 device. Touch Surface recommended! 😉

  1. Reckless Racing Ultimate

    Top down mini car racing game featuring offroad and race track competitions. A must have game!

    Windows Game

  2. Zombie HQ

    Top down shooter with zombies, guns, swords and grenades = super addictive gameplay!

    Windows Game

  3. Rayman Jungle Run

    Gorgeous animated 2D platform game on rails. Split second reaction timing is key!

    Windows Game

  4. Where’s my Water

    Beautiful puzzle game with fluid dynamics and chemical reactions!

    Windows Game

  5. Spectra

    Arcade space racer with retro music.

    Windows Game

  6. Tap Happy Sabotage!

    Good family fun! A physical multiplayer game that works best on big touch screens.

    Windows Game

  7. Robotek

    Turn by turn strategy war game with a bit of luck. Build, attack, defend or hack your opponents robots!

    Windows Game

  8. GunFinger

    Shooting gallery arcade game with Zooooombies!

    Windows Game

  9. Dungeon Hunter 4

    Top down adventure game. Vanquish those foul foes with your epic powers!

    Windows Game

  10. Top Gear: Race The Stig

    Fun racing game – can you beat the Stig?

    Windows Game

…Still looking more apps?

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